Brand new project in the books, I start with my friend Rémi Blanc the first european bodysurf movie called Les palmes & Le couteau, which will be projected during festivals and available online starting in june 2016.

This movie will aim at promoting this sport still unknown from the general public, as well as its main characters. It will be filmed around Europe throughout this winter, with the best waves and the best swells that come to our coast. Amongst them, France obviously with some great waves in the Bask Country and les Landes but also Spain and Portugal with a trip scheduled for the end of february.

The best of the best

For Les palmes & Le couteau, we gathered some of the best french bodysurfers with Joel Badina, 28 years old, many times French Champion, winner of the Willy Cote Trophy and of the Pyramid Rock Bodysurf Contest in 2015 on the Oahu island in Hawaii. His brother Yann, 23 years old, will also be present with some european and national titles under his bell, as well as the young Lucas Espil, 16 years old, who already made some podiums in many contests on the national tour. We will also have some guests such as Albert Vidal or the young Jean Lemonnier and Antton Libier, not taking into account those who will get a bomb during the film.


On the production side, I am working with my friend Rémi Blanc who is a graphic designer, photographer and cameraman as well and with WARNG and Benoît Blanc for the musical part.

Les palmes & Le couteau will be projected during the surf films festivals starting with Anglet, without mentioning the premiere, and then an online diffusion via internet, XTreme Video and video platforms. Photographic content will also be ready to be published in magazines that will want to tell our story and our adventures.

Thanks to the AGBA rescue club for its help on this project, as well as All-In and Ozed. More informations will come with the progression of the movie.

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