Wine Shop

Design of a wine shop based in Bordeaux area with materials, atmosphere, lighting and global organization studies.

During my fourth year at school, we had our first space design classes with a global project to help us understand the whole process of such project. We picked our own, so I decided to go for a wine shop located into Bordeaux area.

Based on my researchs, I decided to go for a shop entirely made from wine elements. The walls will be made with corks, leaving some open spaces, made with a wine box with little LED as lighting, used for exhibiting some good key bottles. A route, like a labyrinth has been designed with wine boxes, which can be also used as furniture, or exhibiting spot. It helps guiding the user through the shop, remembering the vine shape from the top.

Based on spanish cider works, I decided to had a restaurant downstairs the wine shop. It based on cider works with huge wooden tables, to make it nicer and more convivial. On the wall, there are some barrels so that the customers can have drinks throughout their meal. Some spaces have been reserved for kitchens, toilets, and storage.

To access the restaurant through the shop, the customer needs to go through a big barel, in which it is dark and wet with a single light to help him find his way out.