Focus Gallery

Project to finish my fourth year at school with the creation and launch of an art gallery called Focus Gallery in Bordeaux.

To finish my fourth year and my first master year at the Estei in Bordeaux, we had to work on the launch and communication of a project we chose. Our project was about an art gallery based in Bordeaux. It will be present as a shop, with a purpose of being an inspiration source, a cultural relay, a meeting spot, launching young talents, and will be a calendar with all the events around Bordeaux area referenced. It will present the work of illustrators, street artistss, painters, photographers et will have its own selling platform which will be entirely customizable. Meaning that all the artist exhibiting in he focus Gallery will be able to organize the exhibiting space the way the want, modifying the gallery morphology, to help the spectator focus on the artwork, in a spot customized by the artist, to be the same as its image.

For the gallery logo, we have been inspired by a labyrinth and a photographic lens to design the symbol with the letters, all fiting in a circle. Concerning the rest of the communication, we based our inspiraton on the mosaic to be able to show all the different support and supported by the gallery with a lot of images in blocs, creating a large mosaic. So, the poster is showing artworks of many different size and color, with a white border in between, with over it, the white symbol to remind the gallery logo. The goal if this poster is to interest people, with the only informations of the Focus Gallery location.

The gallery organization have been planned differently. With many styles to put forward, we wanted to create different atmosphere, one for each room, with the use of different materials on the floor (concrete, wood, stone), walls and even different organization ideas.