First time covering an ice-hockey game with the Hormadi from Anglet hosting the Sangliers from Clermont-Ferrand. 

Three years ago, an Anglet hockey player from Canada invites me to discover his sports during a play-off game. I tried to be at most of the games I could since then, to see the team players that I actually know well. After a few photographie tests in 2015, during the D1 final against Bordeaux, I noticed the big difference from the other sports I actually shoot, in the organisation and in how fast you needed to be.  So, it is some experience, and brand new ideas that with my colleague Guillaume Arrieta, we decided to go for a test covering a regular season game.


Live feed

From the beginiing, we wanted to try a ”live” content diffusion, so that the team can spread the images needed on their social media, allowing the fans to follow each main action. Hopefully, with the experience we earned from the French Surfing Championship, on which we are also working together, we already know what will work. With a small Wi-Fi transmitter, all the important pictures were directly sent to the community manager and put online two minutes after being shot.

During the whole game, we sent between 5 and 6 images during each period, with some taken before it, the warm-up and after the game.

A great first time

Obviously, covering a hockey game is totally different from a surf contest. On one side, it is sure to happen at a given place on a given time, without any doubt. On the other one, everything goes really fast, and it’s hard to leave the eye from the viewfinder, if you don’t want to miss anything. Concerning the gear it is also different. Lenses are better with zoom and a good aperture, with camera working great with the ISO. But in the end, even if the game goes really fast, and we have to be really focused on it, everything is easier after a few minutes.

The good point of being working both at the same time, is that each one of us could be focused on something different. One on portraits, while the other on action, fans, high shots, close-ups, long range… It’s easier to have fun when we are sure of not missing anything. In the best case, a third person would have been responsible to get our images live, editing them and sending them to the community manager, but it will be for another time.

In the end, Anglet won 8-2, and we have earned some experience out of it, and a way of working that we will use to be faster on the others event to come or the others game. More to come…


Olivier Richard (ANG) – Hormadi-Anglet / Sangliers-Clermont – November 2016


Nicolas Thos (ANG) – Hormadi-Anglet / Sangliers-Clermont – November 2016


Hormadi-Anglet / Sangliers-Clermont – November 2016


Thomas Baubriau (ANG) – Hormadi-Anglet / Sangliers-Clermont – November 2016


Hormadi-Anglet / Sangliers-Clermont – Novembre 2016


Hormadi-Anglet / Sangliers-Clermont – November 2016


Hormadi-Anglet / Sangliers-Clermont – November 2016


Benoît Ladonne (ANG) – Hormadi-Anglet / Sangliers-Clermont – November 2016


Xavier Daramy (ANG) – Hormadi-Anglet / Sangliers-Clermont – November 2016


Gabriel Levesque (ANG) – Hormadi-Anglet / Sangliers-Clermont – November 2016


Mathieu Vissio (ANG) – Hormadi-Anglet / Sangliers-Clermont – November 2016

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